The Role of Energy Management Systems in Virtual Power Plants

Virtual power plants and their advantages briefly explained

Virtual power plants are a forward-looking concept for increasing the efficiency, flexibility and sustainability of energy generation and consumption. They are networks of decentralized energy generation plants that are geographically distributed but still function as a uniform system. In addition to energy storage and consumption facilities, solar plants, wind turbines and biogas plants can also be part of this system. These units are interconnected and centrally controlled using modern information technology.

The advantages of virtual power plants are manifold. They allow greater integration of renewable energies as they balance out their volatile power generation. The networking of many smaller renewable energy sources creates a reliable energy supply. Virtual networks contribute to grid stability by supporting peak load management. The decentralized structure is also a notable advantage, reducing transmission losses as energy is produced where it is consumed. These and other advantages can be fully exploited with an intelligent energy management system.

Energy management systems – the technological backbone of a virtual network

Energy management systems (EMS) are responsible for collecting, processing and analyzing data from various sources inside and outside the network, which is the only way to ensure that the virtual power plant can be used efficiently. EMS monitor the energy flows, algorithms recognize patterns in the consumption and production data and can detect deviations from regularities. This guarantees the maintenance of grid stability and maximizes energy efficiency, which is particularly important in networks that not only generate energy, but also supply it flexibly and in line with demand.

However, advanced EMS, such as EnExpert’s, not only provide real-time data on energy generation and usage, but also enable cost savings by smoothing peak loads and reducing electricity consumption. When choosing the right EMS, it is also important that it keeps pace with the constantly changing requirements of the energy sector in order to be able to react to future developments and market conditions. The innovative solution from EnExpert can be used across all brands and incorporates important external data such as weather forecasts and spot prices on the electricity market. This allows users to plan ahead and get the maximum benefit from the virtual power plant.


EMS are the indispensable control center of virtual networks. They make it possible not only to manage energy production, but also to plan and adapt it with foresight. Contact us for non-binding information on how our EMS can increase the efficiency of your virtual power plant to reduce costs and make a valuable contribution to the energy transition.

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