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Energy Management

EnExpert’s energy management system allows companies to precisely monitor, optimise and reduce their energy consumption. As a result, companies can save up to 20% of their energy costs and make their contribution to sustainability.

But that’s not all! EnExpert’s technology also uses artificial intelligence to maximise the consumption of self-produced electricity and to identify and eliminate energy guzzlers.

Our system saves costs, conserves natural resources such as drinking water and natural gas, and at the same time sustainably improves the carbon footprint.

Our products

Our sensors and our software

With our intelligent IoT sensors and the possibility to integrate existing systems into our energy management, we create a simple and clear representation of all energy flows in your company.


Using our IoT sensors, we monitor the entire energy consumption in real time.


Our EnExpert platform analyses energy consumption and presents all results in a comprehensible and clear overview.


With the help of artificial intelligence, we optimise energy consumption and create forecasts for efficient use.


With EnExpert, you will benefit from cost savings, CO2 reduction and competitive advantages.

Our customers

Thanks to our experience, we can offer a tailor-made energy management system to the following customer groups:


No matter whether you are a large wellness resort or a traditional city hotel. Unnecessary sources of energy costs are hidden in all hotels of all sizes. We monitor, analyse and optimise all energy flows, from wellness area and kitchenettes or restaurant to each room...

Manufacturing industry

Energy-intensive machines and complex processes are part of every industrial company. Unfortunately, this is also reflected in the electricity bill. At EnExpert, we optimise and reduce your energy flows without compromising quality or affecting the end product.

Public utilities/ municipalities

With or without sensors, our EnExpert platform can also be used in a variety of ways by municipal utilities. Our machine learning-based analytics software can help to optimise municipal utilities and identify new opportunities. In addition, we support municipalities in creating energy plans, saving resources and becoming climate-neutral.


Do your customers also continually ask about possibilities to save energy? From craftsmen to industry to large hotels – we offer a customised solution for each of your customers.


We have noticed that many, especially medium-sized companies, want to take a step towards reducing their carbon footprint and becoming climate neutral, but due to a lack of awareness and the immense size of the topic, the task seems overwhelming, and there is uncertainty about where to start. With these difficulties in mind, we too wanted to make our contribution to a sustainable development by providing a simple and effective solution to monitor and optimise energy consumption.

Simple & effective solution to optimise energy consumption

Using simplified sensors, we are enabling companies to track the source of their electricity usage, and to determine whether the amount of consumption on the electricity bill can be allocated to an efficient use.

Integration of different smart meters

“Modern” smart meters provide only minimal information about energy consumption, as well as the use and production of electricity. In addition, each provider sells their own closed system. However, the only way to sustainably optimise energy flows is by providing a comprehensive overview. Therefore, we have made it our mission to increase energy efficiency in companies by measuring energy flows and integrating different smart meters so that, on the one hand, lost energy can be saved and, on the other hand, used energy can be managed more efficiently.

Contribution to sustainability

We do not only aim to provide companies with an economic advantage, but also with an environmental one. The global challenges we all are facing are addressed on a local level, a contribution to the energy transition is achieved and sustainability criteria for our customers and our customers’ customers are fulfilled.

Our services

Our additional range of services

Energy software

The core of our energy management system is our energy software. This is versatile and can be adapted to the needs of each customer. For example, municipal utilities use our tool to give their customers a better picture of consumption, electricity providers use our analysis tool to identify consumption patterns at companies, and larger industrial customers can record flexibilities. With the help of our central EnExpert platform, even virtual power plants and community batteries can be efficiently controlled.

Energy consulting

Does your company also have too high electricity costs? At EnExpert, we count energy consulting and the creation of data-based energy concepts among our central topics. We take stock of the current situation, analyse, simulate and plan potential investments in renewable energy, such as photovoltaic systems, combined heat and power plants and battery storage. In addition, we provide support in selecting the right power supply and electricity contract.

Carbon footprint

Are you already thinking about a climate-neutral company and reducing CO2 emissions? Or is there a desire among your customers for a climate-neutral supplier? Are you perhaps even considering energy self-sufficiency for your company? But are you still unsure which steps are the right ones for your company? We at EnExpert can help you make your climate-neutral company a reality!


Did you know that companies with a size of 250 employees and a turnover of more than 50 million euros are obliged to undergo a so-called energy audit every four years? And did you know that companies with an energy management system and certification are exempt from this obligation? We at EnExpert can help you find a solution for your company so that you no longer have to undergo mandatory audits.

Virtual Power Plants

Do you use photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, combined heat and power plants or similar to generate your own electricity for your company, but produce in surplus? After the liberalisation of the electricity market, there are now many models, some of them highly profitable, for reselling the electricity you produce yourself, such as power plants, energy communities, PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements), provision of flexibilities, and many more. At EnExpert, we help you find the best option for your surplus electricity.

IoT Smart Metering

With the help of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), various providers promise innovative solutions for many problems. But how exactly can this technology help your company operate more efficiently and cost-effectively? At EnExpert, we have developed wireless IoT power measurement sensors that provide a simple overview of the entire energy flows in the company. We can also integrate existing IoT sensors (temperature, heating, access control, water, parking) into our network.

Cogeneration - CHP

In the meantime, cogeneration has also become a central topic of energy management. But how can heat best be used in combination with electricity? And what is hidden behind the terms power-to-heat and power-to-X? EnExpert helps your company to find the right combination of electricity and heat and to use a surplus of one form of energy efficiently.

Peak load management

Do you also have problems with load peaks due to limited connected load and high electricity demand at short notice? Thanks to our IoT sensors, we as EnExpert can create a load profile of your company in the shortest possible time and control the energy flows in the building in such a way that load peaks are reduced and avoided. Our load peak management also includes e-charging pillar management, photovoltaic systems and battery storage, which are monitored and optimised.

Our energy

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> 8.000 mWh