Communication strategies for hotels

Have you successfully installed an energy management system in your hotel and already saved a considerable amount of energy? Then it is now time to inform your guests about it and call on them to save energy themselves. But how exactly can you do this successfully? EnExpert explains!


Already during the booking process, guests should be made aware of the sustainable hotel. Give this enough space on your website. 

Welcome letter

Use the welcome letter to your guests to address the topic of sustainability and energy efficiency. Here you can also refer to your energy management system and explain how your guests can help save energy.

Information materials

Provide informational materials in your hotel, such as flyers or brochures explaining your energy management system and sustainable activities. You can also provide specific tips on how guests can save energy, such as turning off lights and air conditioning when leaving their room.

Monitor in the lobby

In addition to informational materials, you can also place a monitor in the lobby that displays live consumption and savings. Pictures and graphics that move and change attract guests’ attention. 

In-room notices

Place visible notices in the room that help guests save energy. For example, post notices that towels are changed only upon request and that turning off lights and air conditioning when leaving the room can help save energy.

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